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Our Story

Consistent perfection from seed to cup

As a coffee-focused company, we deeply appreciate that the essence of our business lies within the contents of the cup. Whether you’re managing a coffee establishment or distributing coffee beans, the satisfaction of your customers with their coffee, be it their preferred blend or roast, is paramount. So, how can you guarantee the excellence of your coffee? It commences with your selection of a coffee bean provider. At Seed Coffee Roasters, we’ve devised a comprehensive approach, consisting of three key elements, to consistently deliver an exceptional cup of coffee.

Sourcing Coffee

At SEED, we work hard to provide a holistic experience for our clients, which can also enhance the perception of your brand. And how do we go about doing this? We do this by making sure the coffee we use is ethically sourced and advantageous to the entire supply chain. We don’t work with traders, brokers, or any other middlemen. Instead, we have developed a direct trade relationship with the coffee producers. Our farmers were hand-picked based on their region, history, past crop performance, transparency reports, and client feedback. Once they have met our core requirements such as environmental sustainability, human rights, and business integrity, we then strive to develop a lasting relationship with them, providing support where necessary. This approach helps ensure traceability and complete transparency from farm to cup.

Roasting Coffee

At our facility, we meticulously hand-roast our coffee using the recently introduced “Probat 12” roasting machine. Coffee roasting is a fusion of scientific precision and artistic craftsmanship, and our roastmaster is perpetually engaged in creative exploration to enhance the quality of our beans.

Throughout the development of a roast profile, he diligently documents all roasting parameters, encompassing time, final temperature, drum speed, and weight loss. At Seed, we roast coffee daily, amounting to several thousand batches each year, posing a genuine challenge for consistency. The vigilant monitoring of these parameters empowers our roastmaster to guarantee that every coffee bag exhibits uniform flavor.

Furthermore, Seed coffee undergoes roasting on a per-order basis. We refrain from stockpiling excessive amounts of coffee, ensuring it remains at its freshest. Only the most pristine product, handled with meticulous care by both our order fulfillment team and our roastmaster, departs from our premises.

Coffee Education

While your choice of beans can definitely be a game changer, making the best cup of coffee requires far more than that. Our team knows this better than anyone else. After all, even the freshest and best beans can be turned into a bad cup of coffee by a barista who isn’t very good at what they do.

This is why SEED offers much more than just specialty grade coffee. We have created a comprehensive program that will transform your barista into a skilled technician who understands the science and art of coffee making. Someone who can not only make coffee but also converse with customers about anything and everything coffee.
We offer training in barista techniques, brewing methods, and coffee tasting.

Check out our courses and learn everything there is to know about creating that perfect cup of coffee, every single time!

“… and the future generation.”

Whether it’s Brazil’s Yellow Bourbon or Guji Heirloom Natural, you can be sure that each bag comes from traceable smallholders, cooperatives, and individual farms. We are committed to sustainability and fair trade, paying premium prices to our partners that they can reinvest in the farm and the local community. As we always say here in SEED, happy farmers equal happy customers!