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Foundation / Intermediate Bundle
24 HRS

Course Description

The bundle includes prescheduled any one of SCA (Barista skills, Sensory skills and Brewing) Foundation and Intermediate Courses.

What you will learn:-
– Coffee origins, processing, variety and roast.
– Relation of extraction and strength of coffee.
– Understanding consistency and its necessary steps.
– Variables of espresso and its sensory impact.
– Milk science and steaming milk.
– Latte art fundaments.
– Espresso menu and workflow.
– Hygiene, customer service and health and safety.
– Basics of machine maintenance.
– Understanding brew control chart.
– Understanding different brewing principles.
– Manipulation of variables to optimized flavours.
– Water chemistry and water for coffee.
– Different brewing methods.
– Relation of strength and extraction.
– Human senses and its application in coffee industry.
– Different Sensory analysis and its application.
– Sensory panel and its uses.
– Deeper knowledge on coffee cupping protocols.
– Olfaction, gustation and taction and coffee industry.

SCA – 15 Points

Examination fees (free of charge):
*Training and Examination fees are non-refundable.

Duration 3 day
Cost Per Person 3,700.00 د.إ

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