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Compass 2 Multiboiler

Compass 2 Multiboiler

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This model puts your business on the map! The Compass machine allows baristas to reach their full creative potential. It is the perfect tool for serving coffee after coffee, cup after cup, making it easy to adapt any parameter to the characteristics of speciality coffees or special blends.
Compass 2 Multiboiler
Multiple boiler system (independent boilers for each group and dedicated hot water and steam boiler). Touch screen with user friendly interface. Ergonomic work area with LED lighting.

LED-lights for an attractive look and good working conditions in the generous operating area

Cool Touch
Heat-insulated ergonomic steam wands, so that the Barista can handle them, safely

System with independent boilers: 1 coffee water boiler for each group, 1 main boiler for hot water and steam

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2 Dualboiler, 3 Dualboiler, 2 Multiboiler, 3 Multiboiler


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